By: Gee Rahadian
Arlong PiratesArlong Pirates
Pirate crew consisting of nothing but Mermen having super human strength. With one exception: a human girl. This crew used to be the toughest pirates in East Blue.

Bellamy PiratesBellamy Pirates
The 'rookie' pirate crew of the Grand Line, first seen in the Jaya arc. Their captain used to be, Donquixote Doflamingo until he was promoted to a shichibukai.

Black Beard PiratesBlack Beard Pirates
A new pirate crew stemming from the White Beard Pirates. Black Beard murdered his crewmate, left, and made this crew whom all share a similar belief in fate. This crew is extremely powerful.

Black Cat PiratesBlack Cat Pirates
A pirate crew once belonging to a fierce captain who uses cat claws as a weapon. Tired of the marines, the captain ditched his crew to live a peaceful life hidden from the marines.

Buggy PiratesBuggy Pirates
One of the more infamous pirate crew of East Blue. Buggy was seen in the earlier arcs of One Piece, but was easily defeated by the Straw Hats. Ever since, Buggy has relentlessly been trying to get revenge on Luffy.

Don Krieg PiratesDon Krieg Pirates
Don Krieg is another infamous pirate crew of East Blue. He had a huge fleet of ships under him and entered the Grand Line, but his entire fleet except for one ship was destroyed and he had to return.

Foxy PiratesFoxy Pirates
A huge crew on the Grand Line that rides upon a huge ship. Most of the crew mates are moderately weak but they show a great passion for the captain, even though they were all most likely won through Davy Back Fights.

Straw Hat PiratesStraw Hat Pirates
The main crew which is captained by Monkey D. Luffy. The crew is fairly new but has quickly grown a fierce reputation throughout East Blue and the Grand Line.

Red Haired PiratesRed-Haired Pirates
Captained by Red-Haired Shanks, Luffy's child hood hero who gave up his arm to save Luffy. This pirate crew is extremely powerful and is considered one of the Yonkou.

Wapol PiratesWapol Pirates
A group of pirates led by Wapol, who used to be major of Drum Island.

White Beard PiratesWhite Beard Pirates
The most powerful pirate crew in the world. The captain, White Beard, is said to have fought on equal grounds with the late pirate king, Gold Roger. White Beard is the most likely candidate for becoming the next pirate king. This pirate crew is extremely powerful and is considered one of the Yonkou.