Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
Terms used in One Piece

Kaizoku - Japanese Pirate

Kaizoku ou - Pirate King in Japanese

Akuma no Mi - Devil Fruit in Japanese

(Name the fruit of the devil) no Mi - (name of fruit) fruit. For example: Gomu Gomu Gomu Gomu no Mi would result.

Kanji of the Month

These kanji are included in Shonen Jump Magazine under the heading "Kanji of the month" at the beginning of each chapter.

Kaizoku - Kai in Japanese means "sea" and Zoku instead for "thief" and Kaizoku essentially means thief in the sea and then "pirate". Adding "ou" We Kaizokuou, which means King of the Pirates.

Sencha - To make it simple, in Japanese sencha is going to the Captain of the Sea.

Nakama - is about to friends or classmates.

Sake - type of liquor.

Takara - means treasure.

Takaramono - Takara means "treasure" and mono means "objects." Then comes without saying that you can usually translated as a treasure chest.

Warui - This term has enough meanings. It can mean bad, evil or, sometimes, wrong.

Akagami - It means "red hair". Aka is "red" and gami is "hair". For example, Shanks Akagami no means "Red Hair Shanks" (translated by us Shanks the Red).

Kotoba - Indicates the language or speaking.

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