Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian

Wealth, fame and power. There was a man who has conquered it all, Gold Roger, the Pirate King. A legend that he would leave to posterity has prompted many to sail ...

"My treasure? Take me if you want! Look for it! It is a great treasure! I wonder if some of you will do it ... "

The precious treasure of Gold Roger is the dream of anyone who ventures to the sea. All are eager to find it, then it's off to the big trip. The treasure hunt begins!

East Blue

Monkey D. Luffy, a boy of seven years, one day eat the fruit of the devil Gom Gom that makes the body of rubber, but that makes him unable to swim. Ten years later decides to sail to the sea and to realize his dream, to become the new Pirate King. His journey takes him to meet many people and recruit new adventure after adventure of his crew members, including the swordsman and bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro, Nami the thief, the great liar Usopp, Sanji and the cook. Several opponents will be on its way as his journey takes him from one island to another, including Buggy the Clown, Captain Kuro, the commander Creek and the ruthless fish-Arlong. Zoro also have the chance to come up against Mihawk, Hawkeye, the strongest swordsman in the world and a member of the Shichibukai, however, that the defeat left him alive for a possible future meeting. With a size of 30 million Berry Luffy finally comes to Rogue Town, "from the beginning and end", where he manages to escape by Captain Smoker of the Navy and set sail with his crew towards the Grand Line, which will bring in the New world.

Baroque Works

Once you enter the Grand Line Luffy and his friends are being targeted by a member of the fearsome Shichibukai, Crocodile, because they decide to help the princess of the kingdom of Arabasta, Bibi Nefertari, who must save his country from a coup d' Crocodile state. After a few skirmishes with agents of the organization created by Crocodile, Baroque Works, Whiskey Peak and Little Garden, Luffy and his crew arrive on Drum Island, where he defeated the evil king Wapol and meet Tony Tony Chopper, an amiable reindeer with the fruit Homo Homo is able to speak and take human form, as well as carry out its task of doctor. Finally Arabasta joints are involved in the civil war unleashed by Crocodile. In a terrible battle Crocodile Luffy manages to defeat and dismantle the Baroque Works, assisted by members of his crew that beat several members of the organization. During his time in Arabasta, Luffy meets his brother, Portuguese D. Ace. After the departure, its size comes to 100 million Berry also joined the crew of his mysterious Nico Robin, a former agent of Baroque Works and experienced archaeologist.

Skypiea and Longring Longland

Luffy meets on the island of Jaya Montblanc Cricket island that speaks of heaven, Skypiea. In addition, Jaya faces and defeats the pirate Iena Bellamy, who had derided the dreamer and his character had robbed Cricket. As he sets off with his crew to Skypiea, escapes to Marshall D. Teach. Skypiea arrived at the island in the sky, he and his crew are against the supposed god of the island, Ener, and his priests. Luffy and his friends manage to defeat the enemy, freeing the oppressed people and restoring peace. Dropped from Skypiea, they stop where they are involved in Longring Longland games from the pirate Davy Back Fight foxy, the silver fox. Luffy will manage to win against the enemy and restore the dishonest members of her crew were lost during the game.

Water Seven and  Enies Lobby

After arriving at Water Seven, clashes with Luffy Usopp because they do not want to accept the decision of the captain to abandon ship, the Going Merry, now too shabby, to take a new and defeats him in a duel. The next day also fights against the cyborg Franky, who stole the money intended to buy a new ship, and against the carpenters of the Galley-La Company, which they believe guilty of attempted murder the mayor of Water Seven, Iceburg. In fact, as it turns out the same evening, the real culprits are the members of CP9, a team of secret government projects in search of a weapon ancestral Pluton. Luffy tries to fight to save his wife Robin, forced them to help them in their plan, but these are much stronger and easily defeats him. Robin is then raised to Enies Lobby, fortress of the Navy. Luffy and his crew, along with Franky, Nico Robin burst to save, defeating several soldiers of the Navy and all members of CP9, including the redoubtable Rob Lucci. Returning to Water Seven, Luffy meets his grandfather, the Navy Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp, and his two assistants, and Kobi Hermeppo, old acquaintances of Luffy and Zoro. Luffy is known, thanks to his grandfather, his father's identity: it's Monkey D. Dragon, the revolutionary regarded by the World Government the most dangerous criminal in the world, and the same person who saved Luffy Rogue Town, during a clash with Smoker. While on Water Seven, waiting for a new ship being built Franky, Luffy along with his crew, he learns that the Navy has put new taxes on the heads of the members of the crew: the captain now amounts to 300 million Berry, triple the previous year. Finally time to set sail, Luffy manages to convince Franky to join his crew as a carpenter.

Thriller Bark

Crossing the mysterious Florian Triangle, the crew makes the acquaintance of Brook, a bizarre skeleton that owes its appearance to the power of the fruit and Yomi Yomi which was subtracted from the shadow Gekko Moria, a member of the Shichibukai, who resides in 'Thriller Bark wandering island. Here Moria creates zombies stealing shadows to capture pirates, as it does with Zoro, Sanji and Luffy, whose shadow created by the powerful zombies ODR. Luffy is so forced to retrieve his shadow, that of his companions and those of other prey of Moria. Luffy defeats ODR and later Moria, which rejects all the shadows making them return to their respective owners. Surprisingly, however, appears Bartholomew Bear, another member of the Shichibukai, which has orders to eliminate Luffy's crew. The courage shown by Zoro, however, means that does not lead to complete his mission. At the end of the adventure Brook joins the crew, as he was once proposed by Luffy in their first meeting.

Archipelago Sabaody

Sabaody archipelago, near the Red Line, Luffy and Zoro discover that two of the Eleven Supernovas, the pirates with a bounty of more than 100 million of Berry. Following are involved in the auction of humans and fish-men, to save the mermaid Kayme, their friend, Luffy punches a Noble World. This causes the arrival of Admiral Kizaru, and many of Sentomaru Pacifists, who begin to fight Luffy, his crew and Supernovae present archipelago. Despite the help from Silvers Rayleigh, the vice-captain of Gol D. Roger, Luffy and his crew were beaten and made to disappear from the real Bartholomew Bear, which, with its powers transferred every member of the crew on a different island.

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