Date: 6/1/10
By: Gee Rahadian
Wapol Pirate Crew
Flag: A Jolly Roger with a crown and large, iron mouth.

Captain: Tin-Plate Wapol, King of Drum Island

Chess (Lookout/Head of Staff)
Kuromarimo (Magistrate)
The Isshi Twenty (Doctors)
Wapols Private Bodyguard

Known Bounties:

Ship: The Bilking. It is a giant submarine that allows people to effectively stand on water. The figure head is a crowned hippo. This crew isnt a proper pirate crew. They formed after Wapol and his cabinet of ministers fled from Drum Island after Blackbeard attacked his kingdom. Wapol and his men simply lost their way home and turned to piracy. Because of this, the Wapol Pirates arent overly strong but they did manage to take over an entire island with little trouble. Before he fled, Wapol demanded that all the doctors of the Kingdom of Drum (aside from his Isshi Twenty) were to leave his kingdom. All but Hiruluk and Kureha did so. Wapol tried to trap them by saying his doctors were ill. This would in turn allow him to kill them. Hiruluk was already about to die and didnt see any harm in going to help. Upon his arrival, he saw that he was about to be shot and toke his own life. The Straw Hats meet Wapol when Nami was awfully sick. Wapol tries to eat the ship but gets smacked across the horizon by Luffy. The two meet again outside Dr Kurehas castle, where Wapol tries to claim his throne back. Unfortunately for Wapol, he gets stuck on the end of a Gomu Gomu No Bazooka and his crew disband.

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