Date: 9/22/10
By: Gee

Name : Anggie_Grohl
Nick : Zoro_Sowordsman
Age : 23 Years Old
WebsiteAnimes Moy4n

Contact :
Function : ADM General, Post News, Uploader, Web Design,  HTML Maker

Name : Intan Mutia Desty
Nick : Than Saeko
Age : 16 Years Old
Website : IblieZz

Contact :
Function : ADM General, Post News, Uploader 

Name : Ryan
Nick : tobi-bakero
Age : ?? Years Old
WebsiteAnimes Bakuhatsu

Contact :
Function : Web Design, Web Master, Post News, Uploader 

Name : Asriyadi Anshar
Nick : adhemo
Age : 23 Years Old

Contact :
Function : Post News, Uploader, Scanlation, Translation

Name : Opiq Rahmattaufiq
Nick : D luffy
Age : ??? Years Old

Contact :
Function : Post News, Uploader

Name : Johanes Djogan
Nick : Djogzs
Age : ?? Years Old

Contact :
Function :  Post News, Uploader 
Dark Ard デイダラ said...

ngetes smiley.. :a:

Vincent Valentine said...

hm... kmu anggie,,kmu kok jarang post diblog ku ? :g:

Zetsu-kun ゼツ said...

iya sob,, tenang ja.
kemaren qu'y lgi sibuk dlu... eheheh :j:

D luffy said...

keren avatar stafx ey :c:

ADM Zoro Swordsman said...

heheh... biasa aja sob :d:

anime-neverd dies said...

kk gmna sih cara pasang energi saving mode dengan gambar sendiri ?????

anime-neverd dies said...

KEREN EMOTICONYA :a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h:

Gafar - FBG said...

hohohohoh :f:

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