Date: 2/29/12
By: Gee Rahadian

Naruto 576 Spoiler Raw Pics Summaries ナルト 576





by geg at NF

Sasuke sees Itachi, calls out to him, and chases after him, but Itachi says he can't stop.
Sasuke attacks with Susano-o, which is repelled by the Itachi's Susano-o.
Sasuke talks to him like a normal little brother. He has a lot of questions.

Hashirama was the ultimate ninja who could regenerate and perform unparalleled jutsu without performing seals. (not completely sure about this part)
Madara targets Tsunade as she is Hashirama's descendant.
Tsunade rolls up her sleeves and says "Don't underestimate the Will of Fire" and the chapter ends.

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