By: Gee Rahadian
The Shichibukai are one of the 3 Great Powers, along with the Four Emperors and the Navy Headquarters. The Shichibukai are made up of seven pirates. The pirates are able to hold the right to be pirates as long as they only attack other pirates and give a percentage of their profits to the government itself. Each Shichibukai also appear to have animal like themes, which usually reflect in their appearance.

Donquixote Doflamingo

Former Bounty: 340,000,000
Theme: Flamingo

Doflamingo was first revealed a Shichibukai at a meeting at the Navy Headquarters to decide who would replace Sir Crocodile in the position of Shichibukai.

At the meeting, he was able to control people simply by moving his hand, making them attack each other. If this was done by the use of a Devil Fruit, it has yet to have been revealed. His overall ability in general has yet to have been revealed, but because of his extremely high bounty, the highest revealed in the entire world so far, it is speculated that he is extremely powerful. He was later to be revealed that he was once the captain of the Bellamy Pirates, but once he became a Shichibukai, he gave the position to Bellamy. Yet, however, he still continued to keep bonds with his crew.

Like Bellamy and the rest of the pirates, he also believes in the New Age, where dreams no longer exist, and only the strong survive. Because of Bellamy’s failure and defeat to Monkey D. Luffy, Sarquiss, another Bellamy Pirate, was forced to attack him by Doflamingo’s controlling ability. More recently, Doflamingo has also been revealed to be the owner of the Human Auctioning House in the Sabaody Archipelago, though after the Strawhats assaulted the Auction house he handed it over to Disco. Currently Doflamingo is battling Crocodile during the battle between Whitebeard and the World Government.

Bartholomew Kuma

Former Bounty: 296,000,000
Theme: Bear

Bartholomew Kuma was first revealed a Shichibukai at a meeting at the Navy Headquarters to decide who would replace Sir Crocodile in the Position of Shichibukai, accompanied by Donquixote Doflamingo.

Kuma later appeared on the Thriller Bark to inform Gecko Moria of Crocodile’s replacement as a Shichibukai, and offer assistance to his colleague. While on Thriller bark Kuma is ordered to dispose of any witnesses to Moria’s defeat, and single-handedly downs most of the heavily injured Strawhats. During this time it is revealed that Kuma is an incomplete Pacifista (government cyborg) and wielder of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw Paw fruit) which allows Kuma to repel anything at the speed of light by, holding his palms towards it. Later on Kuma appears in Sabaody Archipelago with the other Pacifista, all of whom were clones of Kuma sans his Nikyu Nikyu abilities. Kuma once again defeated the Strawhats and sent all of them flying to different islands effectively splitting the entire crew.

Kuma is currently battling in the War against the Whitebeard pirates and has entirely lost his persona becoming a complete Pacifista, he is battling Emporio Ivankov.


Former Bounty: 250,000,000
Theme: Whale Shark

Jimbei is a Whale Shark fishman, the Arlong Pirates were once part of this pirate crew, but once Jimbei became a Shichibukai, he broke away. He took over the command of the Sunny pirates after Fisher Tiger died, though the crew was disbanded when Jimbei became a Shichibukai.

At some point in time he is known to have battled Portgas D. Ace in a fight that lasted five days, as Ace wished to challenge Whitebeard whom Jimbei deeply respected. It was this respect and gratitude towards Whitebeard (who had saved Fishman Island) that made him the only Shichibukai not agree to participate in the war against Whitebeard, subsequently getting him incarcerated in Impel Down. During his imprisonment, Jimbei shared a cell with Ace and despite their previous encounter the two had an amicable relationship. During their incarceration the two traded stories, most importantly the stories Ace told about Luffy. When Ace was taken away to be executed there was nothing Jimbei could do but watch. Later when he was rescued by Luffy, Jimbei vowed to help the liberated prisoners escape and save Ace. During the escape Jimbei exhibited his power, a high level Fishman Karate that could strike opponents without even connecting, propelling one of the massive doors from impel down, and creating and manipulating large blasts of water from the ocean.

As for Jimbei’s relationships with other Shichibukai, he seems upset learning that crocodile was imprisoned in a cell adjacent to his, he also new of Moria’s Zombie’s weakness to salt, though he had never met Hancock before she visited Ace in Impel Down. Currently Jimbei is battling Gecko Moria in the War with Whitebeard.

Juracule ‘Hawk Eye’ Mihawk

Former Bounty: Unknown
Theme: Hawk

Juracule Mihawk was first introduced in the series during the Baratie arc when he was chasing down Krieg and his pirates. Krieg’s extremely large pirate crew was all defeated, save one ship, in the Grand Line when Juracule Mihawk defeated them all, cutting all the ships in half. When he finally reaches Krieg’s ship, saying he only followed it because he had nothing better to do, also cut it in half with one slash of his sword. Roronoa Zoro then challenged him.

Mihawk is known as the best swordsman in the world, and that is the position Zoro dreams for. Zoro, during the fight, stood no chance against the strength and ability of Mihawk. He was quickly defeated, Mihawk using nothing but a small knife. At the end of the fight, Zoro stood in front of Mihawk, his arms outreached, saying that he would prefer to be cut than run and loose. Mihawk then used his sword. However, Mihawk left Zoro alive, and told him to train hard and surpass him one day, for he would be waiting. After this, he made his leave.

Later, he is seen at the Navy Headquarters meeting to decide the new Shichibukai. When he arrived, Donquixote Doflamingo commented that he was the least expected to come, hinting at his power. Mihawk took part in the War against Whitebeard without compunction, he assaulted Luffy after uttering a quick apology to Shanks, and though the latter was able to dodge the Black Sword he could not attack himself and constantly lost ground. Marco ordered Vista to take over from Luffy and engage with Mihawk. The Shichibukai also remarks that Luffy’s ability to make anyone an ally; even Shichibukai, was the most dangerous in the world. When the Pacifista reinforcements arrive, Mihawk remarks to Vista it is time to end it, while the pirate replied they both had a point in their favour.

Gecko Moria

Former Bounty: 320,000,000
Theme: Gecko

Gecko Moria is a giant and lives on the largest pirate ship in the world, Thriller Bark. Many years prior to the current storyline Moria was a pirate who could rival Kaidou one of the Yonkou, however his entire crew appears to have been killed by Kaidou at some point. Then ten years previous to the current storyline, Moria, Absalom, and Perona approached Dr. Hogback in order to create a zombie army. Hogback agreed as Moria offered him the chance to resuscitate his beloved Victoria Cindry.

Using a combination of Hogbacks skills and Moria’s Kage Kage no Mi abilities it was possible to reanimate dead corpses as zombies. Moria’s abilities allowed him to steal shadows from living people and plant them into the corpses Hogback maintained or built. From then on they sailed the Florian Triangle in the Thriller bark, abducting any the believed would be useful components to creating a zombie army, Moria hoping to create an army capable of defeating even Kaidou himself. When the Strawhats landed on Thriller Bark he successfully stole and implanted Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji’s shadows. While the Strawhats were battling to retrieve their shadows, Bartholomew Kuma arrived to inform Moria of Blackbeard replacing Crocodile as Shichibukai, and offering his colleague assistance. Eventually Moria is defeated by the Strawhats and bitterly informs them they will understand a true nightmare in the New World.

Currently in the War against Whitebeard he was struck heavily by Jimbei, and is taunting the Whitebeard division commander Kielhs.

Sir Crocodile

Former Bounty: 81,000,000
Theme: Crocodile

Crocodile was a Shichibukai, hero to the people of Alabasta by protecting the country and fighting off any pirate who dare step on the land. In the eyes of all of Alabasta, he was a hero. However, there was a dark conspiracy in the country of Alabasta, and Crocodile was the head of it.

Crocodile was in charge of one of the strongest organizations in the world, Baroque Works. He planned to use his military power to overthrow the King of Alabasta and take the throne, but not only that. He also planned, with the assistance of Nico Robin, to take hold of the ancient weapon Pluton, which was said to be located somewhere in Alabasta. However, at the peak of his power, he was sent crashing. The Strawhat pirates had come to Alabasta with the Princess, Vivi Nefertari, who knew of Crocodiles evil plan and was going to alert the people, stopping him once and for all. The Strawhat crew was able to defeat all of the major Baroque Works agents, and Luffy himself was the one who defeated Sir Crocodile, restoring peace to the country. At this point, Tashigi took all of his power given to him by the government away, and he was sent to the world’s greatest prison, Impel Down.

Later on Crocodile aided Luffy in his attempt to rescue Ace and subsequent escape from Impel down, resulting naturally in Crocodile’s own escape. Currently he is participating in the War against the World Government, and has just engaged Doflamingo.

Marshall ‘Blackbeard’ D. Teach

Former Bounty: None
Theme: None

Blackbeard was originally a crewmate on board the Moby Dick, though this appears to have been part of his plan to gain the Yami Yami no Mi rather then an interest in joining Whitebeard. Teach has an interesting history, managing to wound Shanks without a Devil Fruit or sneak attack, and somehow knowing what the Yami Yami no Mi looked like or even that it existed.

After killing Thatch, the fourth division commander, and stealing the Yami Yami no Mi Teach fled the Whitebeard pirates. Blackbeard then appeared in Jaya, and got into an argument with Luffy over the food served at a tavern. Later however he supports Luffy’s belief that pirate’s are dreamers after Bellamy’s insults. When The Strawhats are heading up the Knock-Up Spout, Blackbeard attempts to follow and capture Luffy and Zoro, however his raft is unable to follow the Merry.

Blackbeard’s next appearance was on Banaro Island where Portgas D. Ace finally caught up with him. When the pair battled Blackbeard’s Devil Fruit was shown to be a peculiar logia, allowing him to be physically hit and even increasing physical damage, however it had the ability to negate other peoples fruit abilities. The battle culminated in both combatants summoning a large ball of their respective element, Fire (Ace) and Darkness (Blackbeard), ending in Ace’s defeat and handing over to the World Government. Ace’s defeat also resulted in Blackbeard’s elevation to Shichibukai status, and he appeared to obey the Government’s call to assemble. However rather then appear at Marineford Blackbeard chose to enter Impel Down, meeting Luffy on Level 4 the two trade blows until Jinbei stops them. Jinbei remarks Blackbeard’s assault of Impel Down was instrumental to their escape, as Blackbeard takes on Magellan allowing Luffy and co. to escape to Level 3. The entire Blackbeard Pirates crew is defeated quickly by Magellan, however are saved when Shiryuu gives them the antidote, Blackbeard then requests the Gaoler join his crew to which he acquiesces.

Boa Hancock

Former Bounty: 80,000,000
Theme: Snake

Hancock is the only female Shichibukai, and the last one to be named though only the second last to be shown. Hancock was originally part of the Kuja pirates however they were caught by slavers and sold to the Tenryuubito. While in captivity Hancock was forced to eat the Mero Mero no Mi to entertain her owners. Hancock and her sisters Marigold and Sandersonia were kept in captivity, until their rescue by Fisher Tiger along with many other slaves. After their rescue the sisters were eventually found by Elder Nyon and brought home, though she still had the mark of a slave. Hancock eventually became ruler of Amazon lily and over the next eleven years became a powerful pirate being offered the position of Shichibukai after only one campaign.

While returning to Amazon Lily Hancock is informed by Momonga that she must attend the Shichibukai assembly or risk or status being rescinded and the Government’s agreement not to enter Amazon Lily terminated. When she returns to Amazon Lily Hancock is concerned that her warriors are chasing some strange monkey, and later when she is bathing when Luffy falls through the roof into her bath. After Hancock attempts to execute Luffy, and Luffy still helps the Gorgon sisters keep their pride Hancock falls deeply in love with him. When Luffy learns of Ace’s imminent execution he requests Hancock’s help in saving him and she of course agrees. It is thanks to Hancock that Luffy is able to sneak into Impel Down, and she is also the one to inform Ace that Luffy is coming to save him.

Currently she is battling against Smoke in the war against Whitebeard.