Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
They are special pills, a drug that develops Tony Tony Chopper in five years of experiments. Thanks to them Chopper successfully exploited the possibilities of the fruit of the devil Homo Homo, they act exclusively on the fruits Zoo Zoo and increase their potential. Once ingested are obtained from three normal levels of mutation, four more to reach a total of seven. Human Form Shape and Form Mixed animal, these are the three levels of mutation of the category The Zoo Zoo uses in combat being easy to swallow. Once swallowed the duration of effect is about three minutes and no more, and this is an unfortunate side effect, given the short time you could not defeat many enemies (or enemy particularly challenging). However, there is the possibility of ingesting two rumble ball below (although indicado to ingest a minimum period of 6 hours), we see this action in the fight against extreme Kumadori. The agent of CP9 was not one of those enemies who had fought in the chopper as previously used techniques such as the paranormal Tekkai through which he could easily protect themselves from attacks inflicted by more powerful chopper. After taking the second pill chopper does not have full control of the transformations and draw Arm Point takes a long time. Once in the Arm Point we see the terrible attack chopper Roseo Metel (the power is significantly higher when ingesting one rumble ball). This is not enough to defeat Kumadori and chopper is forced to ingest in estremis another rumble ball, the third, knowing endanger his life and that of his companions. He hopes that it does not come through that door and no one has become, here we come to the attention of a flashback in which Kureah Chopper scolds his imprudence in experiments on the rumble ball, in fact, on that occasion had taken Chopper 3 and had ransacked the village. In this state there is a real monster. Chopper unfortunately can not control his body and falls into a state of chaos even attacking his companions.


Brain Point
When you do not ingest the Rumble Ball This is the mixed form of the three mutations, once ingested however, this is the Brain Point. And 'the level that exploits the brain functions and is able to use the technical scope. Looks like a raccoon that is funny on two legs straight. In this form it is not offensive.

Walk Point
A normal mutation, the exact form of an animal, because it becomes more agile and able to avoid the blows, and suddenly taking advantage of the strength of four legs. The pure form of Chopper.

Heavy Point
The human level, because it increases lean body mass. and greatly enlarged pectoral muscles of the abdomen. It is ideal for the mutation and the fight for the melee. Weight gain and even force.

Additional stages

Jumping Point
Strengthening the legs, this mutation streamlines the body giving a tapering legs, so it is able to make great leaps. Effective way to dodge an attack.
Point Guard
It 'a level of defense, with this mutation funny chopper thicker hair growing up to create a fur coat, this coat is able to absorb shocks without him being affected, of course, depends on the strength of the blow.
Arm Point
The arm muscles swell beyond measure, in so doing is able to strike an opponent with violent with sockets which is at close range, the best level for the attack. It seems that the socket has the same hardness of steel.
Horn Point
The last of the seven transformations, appears as a normal but we immediately notice the sturdy moose antlers that can make serious damage going on to beat hapless opponent. The mighty horns allow them to lift people and make them fly away.
And 'the transformation due to the hiring of three Rumble Ball. He has monstrous appearance, it is huge and has a considerable power. In this transformation Chopper is in a state of chaos and ends with the attack its own comrades. This transformation uses all the resources of strength that Chopper can not move upon awakening. Chopper uses just glad this transformation, but unfortunately sometimes can not help it.

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