Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
Name: Pandaman
Place of birth: Tibet
Age: Sconusciuta
Height: 220 cm
Weight: 122
Strength: When eating bamboo has a capacity of 3,300,000 kg, before the meal has a capacity of 3,300,000 kg, which is equal
Techniques: Fist of Panda with bamboo leaf, blocking deadly technique of Giant Panda
This super hero has a face like a panda but it is very fascinating, but his story is very sad. When he was young, was abandoned in the forest of bamboo, and was raised by a female panda ... one day he said "I saw the Princess Kaguya", but was not believed by anyone, and was also mistreated. Then he decided to become a super hero ... evil and then wanders into the world of One Piece without a precise destination.


Below you will find the chapters and pages in which Pandaman and 'appeared far

Volume 5

p 178: The first appearance of the third Pandaman the background image of the page.
p 179: On the right, watch the shadows of the door.
p 180: It is between the people at the tables.
p 181: In the third figure near Paty.
p 184: Rejoice in the background image.

Volume 6

p 18: Sitting at the table of Baratie.
p 19:? maybe it's sitting at the table in the middle of the first image of the page.
p 33: In the shadow of the right door.
p 39: In the background near the face of Sanji.
p 145: By the power of Mihawk.

Volume 7

p 24: On Baratie knocked out!
p 64: Introduction to Pandaman by Eiichiro Oda.
p 164:? maybe it's a pirate of the sea, on the left of the Barat.

Volume 8

p 24: Among the pirates of the sea Creek, Kreek Between pirates in the sea, near the middle of the page.
p 29: At the bottom of the page between the pirates of the sea Creek.
p 88: And 'from other pirates on the ship ..

Volume 11

p 96: Among people of the village of Nami.
P 113: Close Zoro on the right.
p 144: In the crowd on the right.
p 147: In the crowd on the right of the page.
p 167: In the crowd instill the right.
p 168: In the crowd, looking left.
p 176: Among the fleet of Buggy.

Volume 13

p 161: Behind Miss Golden Week, in the pool.
p 163: Behind Mr.3, in the pool.

Volume 16

Jango Dance 12: Close to the stage with a microphone just below the men.
Jango Dance 15: To the right of the stage.

Volume 17

p 149: Out of Kureha, with other men of the village.
p 187: And 'Nanohama threatened by pirates.

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