Date: 6/1/10
By: Gee Rahadian
Bellamy Pirate Crew
Flag: Bellamys personal flag is a pair of red lips with a tongue blowing a raspberry on the crossbones. The crews flag is a crossed out smiley face, signalling that the Age of Dreams is over.

Captain: The Big Time Rookie Captain Bellamy the Hyena
Donquixote Flamingo (Former)
Crew: Sarquiss the Knife (First Mate)
Ross/Mani (Fighters)
Eddy (Navigator)
Huett (Cook)
Rivers (Sniper)
Myure (Doctor)

Known Bounties: Captain Bellamy (55,000,000 Beli)
Sarquiss the Knife (38,000,000 Beli)
Donquixote Flamingo (340,000,000 Beli)

Ship: Unknown

The Bellamy Pirates are based in Jaya and dont go out a find treasure, but instead focus on the material wealth around them. They believe in the New Age, an age where pirates forsake dreams and where the only treasure is jewels and gold. They are searching for strong pirates to join their cause. Despite their captains status as a Big Time Rookie, the Bellamy Pirates a pretty weak crew. Bellamy was defeated by Luffy without using his Devil Fruit powers and by a single punch. Only Bellamy and Sarquiss have any real fighting experience. The reason for Bellamys bounty is that his crew attack many weaker targets in order to provoke an image of fear throughout Jaya.

The Big Time Rookies biggest mistake was taking the gold belong to Montblanc Cricket. Monkey D. Luffy was outraged by this and toke the treasure back. The former captain and Shichibukai, Donquixote Flamingo caught word of this and killed Bellamy for disgracing his former flag.

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