Date: 6/1/10
By: Gee Rahadian
Arlong Pirate Crew
Crew members: Arlong, Hachi, Chu, Kuroobi
Bounties: Arlong 20,000,000
First appearances: Chapter 78

The Arlong Pirates, led by the cruel and cold Captain Arlong himself, are probably the most powerful crew the Straw-hats meet in all of East Blue. They are all species of fishmen, and consider themselves better than humans, and are certainly more powerful. Arlong was only promoted to Captain when the previous Captain, Jimbei, was made a Shichibukai in the Grand Line. Arlong and his crew travelled to East Blue and took over an island, forcing the residents of the island to pay tax simply in order to live. Bellemare, who could only pay for her two adopted daughters Nami and Nojiko, was killed as an example to the rest of the island. Seeing Namis skill at map-making, Arlong made her a member of the crew in order to use her to his advantage. He made a deal with he that if she could raise 100 million berries, he would free the people of her island. And so, Arlong named set up his headquarters, Arlong Park, and Nami set out to raise 100 million berries. The crews reign finally comes to an end when Luffy and the Straw-hats come to Namis aid. The formidable members of Arlongs crew include; Hachi, a swordsman practicing rokutoryu, six-sword style with the help of his extra fish-man limbs; Kuroobi, a stern fish-man and martial artist; Chu, a fish-man capable of spitting water out of his mouth at high speed like bullets. Along with Arlongs own immense strength and abilities, the Arlong Pirates take on the Straw-hats individually in one-on-one fights. Luckily, Zoros 3-sword style helps defeat Hachi; Sanjis powerful kicks eventually outmatch Kuroobis fish-man karate; and even the cowardly Usopp exhausts Chu and puts his Usopp-hammer to good use. Luffy and Arlongs dramatic battle sees Arlong putting all of his natural fish-man attacks to their full use. Using his sharp teeth as handheld weapons, and his razor sharp nose, he puts Luffy at a natural disadvantage against sharp pointed objects. However, Luffys Gomu Gomu no Ono eventually proves victorious, not only defeating the fish-man captain, but freeing Namis village from Arlongs ruthless clutches.

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