Date: 6/1/10
By: Gee Rahadian
Black Cat Pirate Crew
Flag: A cat version of the Jolly Roger.

Captain: Captain Kuro/Klahadore the Butler

Jango (Former First Mate)
Siam and Butchi (Lookouts)
Nugire Yainu (Shipwright)

Known Bounties:
Captain Kuro (16,000,000 Beli)

Ship: A darkly coloured boat with a black cat figurehead. The Black Cat Pirates have a few strengths which makes them formidable by East Blue standards. Their captain is not only an amazing planner but one of the three people in the crew that have any fighting skills (the other two being Siam and Butchi). Jango also can use his hypnotism to make the crew think they have immense strength. Kuro used his shipwright to fake his own death three years before he met Luffy. The captain was tired of being a pirate and so created a plan that would not only leave him with an immense fortune, but also wipe out all his crew and links to his previous life. He posed as the butler for Kaya and her wealthy family on Cocoyashi Island. Three years later, the island would be raided by his crew and Jango would hypnotize Kaya into leaving Kuro her money. This plan was doomed to fail. Monkey D. luffy, Usopp and the Straw Hats revealed Kuros true identity, saved Kaya from certain death and beat Kuro in a duel.

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