Date: 6/1/10
By: Gee Rahadian
Buggy Pirate Crew
Flag: A Jolly Roger with a red nose and a pair of black lines forming a cross across each eye socket.

Captain: Buggy the Clown

Mohji (First Mate)
Cabaji (Second Mate)
Queen Alvida
Richie the Lion

Known Bounties:
Buggy the Clown (15,000,000 Beli)
Queen Alvida (5,000,000 Beli)

Ship: Buggys ship is a fairly small vessel, with a trio of cannons fixed onto the figurehead. Upon first glance, it seems that Buggys Pirates are the weakest out of all of Luffys foes. Buggys bounty is lower than ArlongS, Kuros and Don Kriegs. But his crew has managed to survive on the Grand Line – a feat unmanaged by the other three. Both Alvida and Buggy have Devil Fruit abilities and Buggy himself was a cabin boy upon Gol D. Rogers ship. Furthermore each time that Buggy has been beaten it was due to flukes (i.e. his body parts being separated or being trapped by sea stone) rather than his own shortcomings in a fight. Buggy first meets Luffy in a small town where he terrorizes the locals with his Buggy Bomb. Luffy swiftly takes care of him and Buggy goes through a series of misadventures to get all his body parts together. He forges an alliance with Alvida and manages to trap Luffy in a guillotine in Loguetown. Buggy is struck by a bolt of thunder, which gives his foe and chance to escape. Buggy and his crew have been searching the Grand Line ever since, seeking revenge.

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