Date: 6/1/10
By: Gee Rahadian
Don Krieg Pirate Crew
Flag: A Jolly Roger with closed eyes and a pair of hourglasses.

Captain: Pirate Admiral Don Krieg

Gin the Man-Demon (First Mate)
Pearl the Iron Wall (Second Mate)
Ideaman (Planner, Manga only)
Hustle (Combat Instructor, Manga only)
Kagikko (Locksmith, Manga Only)

Known Bounties:
Don Krieg (17,000,000 Beli)
Pearl (6,000,000 Beli)

Ship: Krieg once had an armada of 50 ships before he entered the Grand Line. They were all destroyed by Mihawk. Only his maiden ship survived. It was massive and in a bad state, with a black panther head on its figure head. Kriegs crew were the most feared in East Blue and seen as more of a threat by the World Government than Arlongs due to the militaristic nature of Kriegs pirates and how well equipped they were. The Armada boasts a crew of over 5,000 men but despite this strength, only one ship barely survived the Grand Line. Kriegs strength even pales in comparison to pirate crews within the other Four Blues as East Blue is seen as the weakest when it comes to the strength of its pirates. Krieg had a dream to conquer the Grand Line, a dream which Gin made sure hed carry out after his captains fatal encounter with Luffy at the Baratie.

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