Date: 6/3/10
By: Gee
Another section is dedicated to all the curious who wanted to know if there are and what are the games on the market of One Piece. There are PS, PS2, PC, GameCube and Game Boy of course! To you the covers!
Jacksoft Thank you for giving us the pictures and information!

Games Covers
Click to Enlarge!

OP - Unlimited Adventure
For Nintendo Wii

OP - Pirates'Carnival

OP - Great Adventure

OP - Gear Spirit

OP - Dragon Dream

Fighting for One Piece
OP - Adventure Log On The Phantasmic Grand Line.jpg
OP - Adventure Log On The Phantasmic Grand Line
OP - Going Baseball.jpg
OP - Going Baseball
OP - Grand Battle 3! (GC).jpg
OP - Grand Battle 3! (GC)
OP - Grand Battle 3! (PS2).jpg
OP - Grand Battle 3! (PS2)
OP - Grand Battle Swan Colosseum.jpg
OP - Grand Battle Swan Colosseum
OP - Grand Battle! 2.jpg
OP - Grand Battle! 2

OP - Grand Battle! (PS2)
OP - Grand Battle!.jpg
OP - Grand Battle!
OP - Mezase Kaizoku-Oh!.jpg
OP - Mezase Kaizoku-Oh!
OP - Niji No Shima Densetsu.jpg
OP - Niji No Shima Densetsu
OP - Oceans of Dreams! a.jpg
OP - Oceans of Dreams!
OP - Round The Land!.jpg
OP - Round The Land!
OP - Tobidase Kaizokudan! a.jpg
OP - Tobidase Kaizokudan!
OP - Treasure Battle!.jpg
OP - Treasure Battle!
MonkeyCongoc said...

temanq emang mantap kmu nggi,,,
nice shoot...

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