Date: 6/2/10
By: Gee Rahadian
The following lists are locations thus mentioned in the manga and anime One Piece. These locations include places the Straw Hat Pirates have been to, and the ones in which they have no yet seen. These locations include, as well, the places that no longer exist, or places that have only been mentioned but not even seen. The locations will be split into separate lists depending on their location related to the overall world of One Piece. These locations are the North Blue, South Blue, West Blue, East Blue, and The Grand Line. Also included is the locations in the sky.

The World of One Piece

The World of One Piece holds many fantastic places and locations. The world itself is also very unique. The world consists of a single strip of land that stretches from the north to the south. This strip of land is known as the Red Line, and acts like the Prime Meridian for the One Piece World. The Grand Line is a strip of ocean that goes along the equator of the One Piece World. The Grand Line is composed of sea, but also of many islands. The Red Line and the Grand Line help create four distinct areas of sea, known as the Blue Seas. These four seas are the North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue. These area contain part of the Red Line and a number of other islands within them.

Finally, there is the Calm Belt. The Calm belt is located on the northern and southern borders of the Grand Line. In the Calm Belt, no wind blows ( hence the name "Calm" Belt ), so it is near impossible to traverse it ( however, the government has still found ways to go through it ). Also, not only is there no wind, but the area is full of the largest Sea Kings in the entire world of One Piece.

East Blue

The East Blue is where the story of One Piece begins, and where the first Saga takes place. The East Blue is regarded as the weakest of all of the Blues. It's usual bounty is only about 3,000,000 belli. However, many strong people come from the East Blue, including Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Gold Roger.

Locations in the East Blue:

Fuschia Town:
Fuschia Town is a rather small and peaceful town. It is the hometown of Monkey D. Luffy and also the temporary base of the Yonkou Red Hair Shanks. It is here at Luffy sets off with a dream to become the next Pirate King.

Shell Town:
Shell town is the Marine base led by Axe-Hand Morgan. It was here that Luffy meets Roronoa Zoro and where Morgan is defeated.

Shimoshiki Village:
This area is a small village in which Roronoa Zoro's past occurred. The area is composed only of a few houses and a fighting Dojo, where Zoro trained in becoming a swordsman.

Orange Town:
Orange Town, when first seen, was an empty town taken over by Buggy the Pirate. It consists of a small town, a pet shop, and an area Buggy used as a base.

The Island of Rare Animals:
This island is covered with forest, and mainly consists of very strange looking animals, most which appear to be a crossbreed of other animals.

Syrup Village:
Home to Usopp, this is a small, peaceful village. There are two slopes on each side of the island, and these slopes are the only safe ways of entering the town.

The Baratie is a sea floating restaurant founded by Zeff, a once powerful pirate. Not only is the ship a high quality restaurant, but it doubles as a military weapon to fight off any pirates who try to steal.

Arlong Park:
Arlong Park is the base for the fish-men Arlong Pirates. It's a huge tower, several stories high, with Arlong's flag waving on top. The two rooms seen in Arlong Park is the weapon room, and the map room, where Nami spent her young days drawing maps for Arlong.

Cocoyashi Village:
This village is closets to Arlong Park, and is a place threatened by Arlong. However, once Arlong was defeated, this place was set free of his evil grasp.

Gosa Village:
This village was also once under Arlong's rule, but was destroyed because of the peoples disrespect towards Arlong.

Lougetown is known as the town of the Beginning and the End. It is the place where Gold Roger, the late Pirate King, was born and where he was executed. The town is rather large, consisting of many stores and large buildings. It also contains the scaffold at which Gold Roger was killed. Captain Smoker also resides here, and has never failed to stop a pirate.

North Blue

The North Blue is a very mysterious place at this point in One Piece. So far, we've seen very little of the only island mentioned in this blue as well. Sanji, however, is from the North Blue, along with the Bellamy Pirates. This is also the home of Montblanc Norland.

Locations in the North Blue:

This is the home island of Montblanc Norland, ruled by a greedy King. This is also the place of Norland's execution.

South Blue

The South Blue is also a very mysterious area. This area does seem, however to be a good place for producing high quality arms and weapons.

Locations in the South Blue:

Bliss Kingdom:
A ship, named the St. Bliss, left this kingdom almost 200 years ago and went to the island in the sky known as Skypiea. This land, however, has never been seen, and it is unknown if it even exists any longer.

Karate Island:
With only it's name mentioned, it can only be assumed this island specializes in Karate.

Saint Reia:
Nothing is known about this area other than it was overthrown by Dragon's revolutionary army.

The West Blue

Very little is known about this sea. However, many strong people find their origins in this area. For example, Nico Robin, Daz bones, and Red-Haired Shansk all come from the West Blue. The Great Whales also originate from this area.

Locations in The West Blue:

Ohara is the home of Nico Robin. This island is where a group of archaeologists live and study history, including the forbidden Poneglyphs and the Blank Century. This island contains mostly empty shore, and a small town. Outside this town is a huge tree, known as the Tree of Knowledge, and is where the archaeologists study. This island is destroyed by the Buster Call.

The Grand Line

The Grand Line is composed of many, many islands that stretch all the way around the world. The Grand Line acts as the equator of the One Piece World. The climate and weather in this area is very, very strange and unusual. The weather is usually harsh between islands, but once one reaches the magnetic field of an island, the climate stabilizes. Each Island is also one of four types: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Because of these strange magnetic fields, normal compasses fail, and thus the only thing that can work is a special kind of compass known as a Log Pose. Unlike compasses, Log Poses do not point north. Instead, they point towards the nearest magnetic fields, and, once within this field for a certain amount of time, the Log Pose will then point to the next magnetic field. Such a device is the only one that can be used to reach the end of the Grand Line. The Grand Line itself is split into two separate regions. The first region can be entered by going through Reverse Mountain. The second half of the Grand Line is located on the other side of the Red Line, where the Red Line and the Grand Line cross.

Grand Line

Alabasta is a hot, sunny island. It's primarily a desert from coast to coast. Due to the devious Baroque Works, who framed the king, King Nefertari Cobra, the entire island went into a three year drought. This island is the setting for the Alabasta Arc in the manga and anime.

Locations in Albasta:

Alubarna is the capital of Alabasta. It is built upon a large plateau, and is composed of four huge stairways which act as the only entrances and exits of the city. The city itself is the largest one in Alabasta. Outside the walls are ruins and an oasis.

This was once a healthy, green city. It survived and prospered with the use of canals that led from the river tow the town. However, it was eventually destroyed by many sandstorms. Later, it was revealed that Crocodile was the one behind these sandstorms and the demise of this town.

Nanohana is a port of Alabasta, and the first area seen in the manga and anime. Nanohana, even though a drought was occurring, was still a rather large and prosperous city. However, it was destroyed by Baroque Works.

Rainbase is a city that managed to survive, regardless of the drought. It is composed of a casino, and many buildings and houses. Rainbase also acted as the headquarters of the leader of Baroque Works, Crocodile.

Sandora Desert:
Sandora desert covers near most of the island of Alabasta. It is also the only way, other than ship, to reach the other towns of Alabasta. Within this desert lurks many dangerous animals.

Sandora River:
This is the only river in Alabasta and is over a mile wide. Many cities depend upon this river.

Spiders Cafe:
This cafe is located in the center of the desert, and only acts as a meeting area for the Baroque Works agents to discuss future plans.

Yuba is located in the western part of Alabasta, and served as the Rebel Army's base. However, due to Crocodile continually attacking the village with sandstorms, they were forced to lave. Banaro Island:
Little is known of this island. It is closely located to Enies Lobby, as mentioned by Van Augure, one of Blackbeard's pirates. The island is basically composed of a single town surrounded by large curved rocks. The town itself resembles old western towns. This is the area where Blackbeard fights against Ace.

Cactus Island:
Cactus Island is a large island, and the first one in the Grand Line. It acts as a base for hundreds of Bounty Hunters wanting to capture newly landed pirates. There are many cactus shaped mountains on this island, the spikes actually being tombstones.

Locations in Cactus Island:

Whiskey Peak:
Whiskey Peak is the only known town in Cactus Island, and it is composed entirely of Bounty Hunters. It's also where many Baroque Works agents are.

Drum Island:
Drum Island is a winter island, and is nearly always snowing. Only a few known towns reside on this island, along with many huge "drum shaped" mountains standing in the background. This is also the area where Tony Tony Chopper was born. Many years ago, the island was taken over by Wapol, an evil man. This is also the location that was attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates.
Drum Island

Locations in Drum Island:

Bighorn is a town located on the coast of Drum Island.

Drum Rockies:
The Drum Rockies are the many large drum-shaped mountains that stand in the center of Drum Island. These mountains are completely steep and are covered in rock and snow. Drum Castle, the home of Wapol and Kureha ( who lived in it when Wapol fled the country ), is located on top of the center, most largest mountain.

Elbaf is known as the island of giants. Fable is the result of spelling its name backwards, which may hint towards the beings living on the island. Two giants, Dorry and Broggy, originated from Elbaf.

Enies Lobby:
Enies Lobby is a large government base. It is connected to Water 7 via sea train. This island is usually full of marines and government workers, along with people who work at Enies Lobby. The CP9's director, Spandam, also resides here. The island is surrounded by a massive fence, which circles it. It also hangs over a huge hole in the ocean, making it near impossible to reach without using the only land passage.

Locations in Enies Lobby:

The Entrance:
The entrance of Enies Lobby is a strip of land that leads up to a large wall and drawbridge. It is the only way into Enies Lobby due to the rest of the island hanging over a giant hole.

Court House:
The Court House is where the judges of Enies Lobby are. The Court House also leads to a drawbridge that must be lowered in order to reach the second half of Enies Lobby.

Tower of Justice:
The Tower of Justice, which can only be reached via the drawbridge of the Court House, is a large tower where the CP9 live. This is also the area where most of the Straw Hats fight their battles against CP9.

Bridge of Hesitation:
The Bridge of Hesitation is a large bridge that leads to a small port. The Bridge of Hesitation can only be reached from an underwater tunnel that leads from the Tower of Justice. The port of the Bridge of Hesitation leads to the final part of Enies Lobby, the Gate of Justice.

Gate of Justice:
The Gate of Justice is a huge gate, so large that it even makes Enies Lobby appear acute. The Gate of Justice is the entrance to the Navy Headquarters and Impel Down. Yarukiman Mangrove:
Groves 1-29
Lawless Zone: Pirates abd outlaws gather here without the jurisdiction of law. Groves 1-10 are also docking areas for pirates Groves 30-39
Amusement Park: Literally an amusement park with ferris wheels and etc. It seems that mermaids and fishmen aren't allowed to go in. Groves 40-49
Tourist Zone: An area where tourists can enjoy themselves and buy souvenirs. Groves 50-59
Shipyard: The docking area for people that are not outlaws/pirates. Groves 60-69
Marine Headquarters: A marine base. Groves 70-80
Hotel Town: A town like area filled with hotels made of bubbles. Marines and people wait here before going to Mariejoa.

This is the capital of the World Government. The exact location of mariejoa is a mystery, although some suspect it may be located on the Red Line between the first and second half of the Grand Line. The Gorosei, who are the five leaders of the world, live here, along with Sengoku, the Fleet Admiral of the Navy. This is also the location where many governmental meetings take place, including the counsel of kings and the Shichibukai. It is also theorized that it has been standing for near 800 years.

Calm Belt:
Impel Down:
Impel Down is the World Government's maximum-security prison for the most dangerous criminals and pirates. It is located underwater, somewhere beyond the Gate of Justice.

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