Date: 6/2/10
By: Gee Rahadian
Wanted Poster

A bounty reflects the threat a person has to the World Goverment, in such a way that it can threaten the peace of the world. It's said that the average bounty can range between 10 to 20 million Berry. Although people with higher bounties are more feared, the higher the bounty does not usually reflect the strength of the person as stated by Oda. Of course the higher the bounty is than the more likely they are wanted by bounty hunters, and the bounties are stalked relentlessly by the marines. Extremely high bounties (e.g. above 300,000,00) are potential to be feared and persued by the World Goverment itself.

Wanted Bounties (in Berry)
Straw Hat Pirates
Monkey D. Luffy (after Arlong) 30,000,000
Monkey D. Luffy (after Alabasta) 100,000,000
Monkey D. Luffy (after Enies Lobby) 300,000,000
Roronoa Zoro (after Alabasta) 60,000,000
Roronoa Zoro (after Enies Lobby) 120,000,000
Nico Robin (as a child) 79,000,000
Nico Robin (after Enies Lobby) 80,000,000
Sanji (after Enies Lobby) 77,000,000
Franky (after Enies Lobby) 44,000,000
Brook (Before his death) 33,000,000
Usopp (as Sogeking) (after Enies Lobby) 30,000,000
Nami (after Enies Lobby) 16,000,000
Tony Tony Chopper (after Enies Lobby) 50
East Blue Bounties
Higuma the Bear 8,000,000
Lady Alvida 5,000,000
Buggy the Clown 15,000,000
Captain Kuro 16,000,000
Jango 9,000,000
Don Krieg 17,000,000
Saw-Tooth Arlong 20,000,000
Mountain Whale Dick 10,000,000
Billy the Bandit 5,000,000
Golass 8,000,000
Grand Line Bounties
Dorry the Blue Giant 100,000,000
Broggy the Red Giant 100,000,000
Mr. 2 Bon Clay 32,000,000
Salvage King Masira 23,000,000
Shoujou 36,000,000
Roshio the Executioner 42,000,000
Bellamy the Hyena 55,000,000
"Big Knife" Sarquiss 38,000,000
Foxy the Silver Fox 24,000,000
Mikazuki 36,000,000
Rockstar 94,000,000
Gasparde 95,000,000
Shichibukai Bounties
Bartholomew Kuma 296,000,000
Boa Hancock 80,000,000
Donquixote Doflamingo 340,000,000
Sir Crocodile 81,000,000
Gecko Moria 320,000,000
Jimbei 250,000,000
Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) 000,000,000
Estimated Bounties (by Oda)
Enel (if he was a pirate) 500,000,000
Sir Crocodile (after Alabasta, if he wasn't caught) 162,000,000

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