Date: 6/2/10
By: Gee Rahadian
Paramecia fruits are the most common of the Devil Fruits types. They can change the user's body in some way. For example, Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi allows him to stretch like rubber. The powers that paramecias are granted can't be generalized into one category. Some users can mentally activate their power (ex: Foxy) while others can alter their body (Miss Doublefinger).

Advantages: Grants the user the ability to do a trait that can be classified only as ''superhuman''

Disadvantages: Paramecia types are the easiest to fight against because while their powers give them an advantage, they also make them easy to be predicted by their opponents and their powers are only shown in a short amount of time when used once.

- Gomu Gomu no Mi (Gum Gum Fruit)

User: Monkey D. Luffy
Info: This fruit allows the user to stretch his/her body like rubber and cannot be hurt by physical attacks, bullets, or lightning. It also makes the person stronger and faster by pumping blood using the legs to transfer oxygen and other nutrients into other parts of the body, which is also known as Gear Second. Another power-up from this fruit is Gear Third, which requires user to blow up a limb and transfer the air to another limb making the bones of that part much stronger.
Gear Second
Gear Third
- Bara Bara no Mi (Chop Chop Fruit)

User: Buggy the Clown
Info: This fruit allows the user to be permanently unharmed by cutting attacks. It also gives the user the ability to detach their limbs and attack at long range. The only disadvantage is that the user is vulnerable if any of the limbs are caught by the opponent.
- Yomi Yomi no Mi (Undead Undead Fruit)
User: Brooke
Info: This Devil Fruit gives the user the unique abilitiy to come back to life after dying. Brooke, the user of this fruit, however, could not locate his body once he died. For this reason, it took him many years to finally find it. Once he did, however, he had been reduced to a skeleton. Regardless, the Devil Fruit still worked and his soul entered the remains of his body.
Yomi Yomi no Mi
- Kage Kage no Mi (Shadow Shadow Fruit)
User: Gecko Moria
Info: This Devil Fruit grants the user the ability of complete control over shadows. This Devil Fruit can provide completion for many tasks. For example, he can steal a person's shadow, and that person would die in sunlight. Also, he can use his own shadow and make it into a solid object. This shadow can be split up into different shapes (Moria primarily uses bats), and can even be used as a shield or a fighter. A final ability of shadow stealing is the ability to insert the shadow into a person or oneself. Doing so would give that person all of the abilities of the corresponding shadow's original owner. Gecko Moria calls this attack "Shadow Asgard".
Kage Kage no Mi
Shadows Asgard

- Sube Sube no Mi (Slip Slip Fruit)

User: Alvida
Info: When the person eats this fruit, he/she gains a slippery body. This causes most attacks and objects to slide off one's body. The weakness of this fruit is still unknown.
- Kilo Kilo no Mi (Kilo Kilo Fruit)

User: Miss Valentine
Info: This fruit allows the user to change their weight from 1 to 10,000 kilograms or pounds. Thus, the user can float when he/she is light and then become heavier to crush the opponent on the bottom.
- Bomu Bomu no Mi (Bomb Bomb Fruit)

User: Mr. 5
Info: When this fruit is eaten, the user gains the ability to make any part of his/her body explode such as hair, mucus, or breath. However, no harm is done to the user when using this devil fruit power.
- Hana Hano no Mi (Flower Flower Fruit)

User: Nico Robin
Info: This fruit allows the user to sprout his/her limbs from the surface of any object or living thing. It can also develop an eye on the hand to look around the environment in order to gather information.
- Doru Doru no Mi (Wax Wax Fruit)

User: Mr. 3
Info: This fruit gives the user the ability to utilize wax from his/her body to create things. The wax can be strong when hardened into steel, but the user cannot become fully wax. Thus, this fruit is not considered as a logia type fruit.
- Baku Baku no Mi (Munch Munch Fruit)

User: Wapol
Info: This fruit allows the user to eat anything whether it is wood or steel. Then the items that are eaten can allow the user to become that ''item'' literally. The disadvantage to this devil fruit is that the user can only become the weapons they eat that certain day.
- Mane Mane no Mi (Clone Clone Fruit)

User: Mr. 2/ Bon Clay
Info: When the person eats this fruit, he/she can transform into anyone he/she has touched. By becoming that specific person, the user would also copy the person's strength, durability, and other things, but not their personality.
- Supa Supa no Mi (Dice Dice Fruit)

User: Mr. 1
Info: This fruit turns the user's body completely to steel and allows any part of the person's body to become a steel blade.
- Toge Toge no Mi (Spike Spike Fruit)

User: Miss Doublefinger
Info: This fruit allows the user to grow spikes on any part of his or her body. These spikes can actually pierce through stone walls, which inform the user's opponent to be cautious when being near the devil fruit user.
- Ori Ori no Mi (Cage Cage Fruit)

User: Hina
Info: This devil fruit allows the user to have his/her opponents to pass through him/her in order for the user to put iron shackles onto them.
- Bane Bane no Mi (Spring Spring Fruit)

User: Bellamy
Info: This fruit allows the user to turn any limb into springs. Then the user can bounce around an environment at a fast speed, which gives the opponent a hard time to keep up with the user. However, it is not known whether the whole body can become a spring.
- Noro Noro no Mi (Slow Slow Fruit)

User: Foxy the Silver Fox
Info: When the person eats this fruit, it gives him/her the ability to emit ''Noroma Photons'' (which appears in pink rings). If the person or object is caught by the Noro Noro beam, he/she/it will be forced to slow down for 30 seconds.
- Doa Doa no Mi (Door Door Fruit)

User: Blueno
Info: This allows the user to create doors on any surface even in the air. The doors made by the user lead to another dimension. The user can also use doors on people as seen when Blueno created a revolving door on Luffy.
- Awa Awa no Mi (Bubble Bubble Fruit)

User: Kalifa
Info: This devil fruit allows the user to emit and control soap and bubbles that can clean off dirt. It also allows the user to "cleanse" a person's power by draining one's energy and leave the victim all clean and shiny. This ability is not to be confused with a Logia type fruit since the user cannot turn himself/herself into soap and bubbles. Thus, the user can still be harmed by physical attacks. The only way to counter this devil fruit ability is to use water.
- Hiso Hiso no Mi* (Whisper Whisper Fruit)

User: Apis
Info: This devil fruit allows the user to speak to animals and even understand the hearts of the animals. This devil fruit ability is only seen during Apis arc, which is filler.
- Kama Kama no Mi* (Sickle Sickle Fruit)

User: Erik the Whirlwind
Info: This fruit gives the user two-inch long claws and the ability to attack with razor-sharp wind. It is somewhat similar to Rankyaku (Storm Leg), but the strength of this ability is unknown. This devil fruit ability is only seen during Apis arc, which is filler.
- Goe Goe no Mi* (Voice Voice Fruit)

User: El Drago
Info: This fruit allows the user to create beams of sound by shouting and destroys anything being yelled at. This can only be seen in ''One Piece Movie 1'', which is non-canon.
- Kachi Kachi no Mi* (Stone Stone Fruit)

User: Bear King
Info: This devil fruit allows the body of the user to be hard as rock and the fist can be heated up, which can damage an opponent badly. This devil fruit ability is only seen in ''One Piece Movie 2: Clockwork Island Adventure.''
Note: Devil fruits' names with a star next to each of them indicate that they are non-canon sources (Movie, fillers).

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