Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
The "Four Emperors" are the four most feared pirates in the New World and considered to be closest of all to the title of King of the Pirates. They are also one of the three powers which balance the world of One Piece with the Shichibukai and the Three Admirals. It is assumed that all know how to use The Ambition (Haki).

Newgate Edward "Whitebeard"
Crew: Whitebeard Pirates
Role: Captain
First Appearance: Volume 25
Edward Newgate Whitebeard known as, is a man of gigantic proportions that has many associated drip into his body, then most likely you think that is sick. They collided, and stood up several times in Gold D. The legendary Pirate King Roger, loves a good Sake and Delgo strongest men in the world, just think of the hole in the sky caused by the collision of his sword with that of Shanks.

Shanks, "The Red"

Crew: Pirates of the Red
Role: Captain
First Appearance: Volume 1
Shanks before becoming one of the four emperors had boarded the ship with the Pirate King Buggy as a hub. Following the execution of Roger pursued his dream of pirate on their own and formed a crew of all respect. We see it in the prologue of the manga, in fact he is the hero who sacrificed his left arm to save Luffy from certain death and gave him a straw hat with a promise to return it when you become a great pirate.


Crew: ?
Role: ?
First Appearance: Volume 45
Kaidoh never appeared in the manga One Piece, in fact, the only information we have is provided to us by Moria, which was in fact defeated by him in the New World.


Crew: ??
Role: ??
First Appearance: Volume 45
Nothing is known of him. 


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