Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
The Gear is a recent addition to the techniques of Luffy, and they are another example of his rapid progress in using effectively the powers derived from the fruit of the devil. However, both have their gear a long time to "rest" after their use. These new techniques have been discovered in a completely random Luffy in battle during the adventure of Ratchet Mecha Island in One Piece Movie 7: The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle (The soldier giant mechanical Karakuri Castle), but because movies are not considered part of the world of One Piece, and some of them are illogical events compared to the regular series, this information is considered unfounded.

Gear 2nd (Second Gear)

After being defeated by Aokiji, Luffy admits to having become stronger if he wants to pursue her dream and protect his friends. The result of his efforts is the 2nd gear, the first time we see the technique in action against Blueno CP9. Increasing vascular pressure in his legs, Luffy sets off an acceleration of its blood flow, thus giving the body more oxygen, increasing his speed and his strength both mentally and physically; Lucci compares this effect to that of a stimulant drug. The effects of the attacks Luffy is so increased (often adds "Jet" to their names to distinguish them), even as warriors by the superior strength of the CP9 agents have difficulties in reaction to the attacks with Gear 2nd.

While in 2nd gear, the metabolism of Luffy is so high that his sweat evaporates almost immediately, thus giving the appearance that it emits smoke, his skin turns red for a color similar to the increase in blood flow. Since all bodies are made of rubber, can expand and allow blood to flow at a higher speed without the risk of internal bleeding.
Luffy Gear developed by the two, this is one of her favorites, since it increases its power, the advantage in combat, giving him the opportunity to confront enemies outside its scope. The 2nd Gear, but can be used only for a short period of time, because the accelerated speed of metabilsmo drastically reduce his energy leaving him exhausted. And 'though able to recover his strength by eating food immediately to restore their nutritional reserves, as seen in the battle against Blueno.
During the battle of Luffy vs. Lucci, we see another negative effect of 2nd gear. Despite the body of Luffy's rubber allows it to make a success of the technique without killing him instantly, the intensity of the flow exerts a tremendous effect on his body shortening its life. Pike argues that this technique is a greasy, but Luffy says that to save his friends would be willing to sacrifice.

3rd Gear (Third Gear)

To use the Gear 3rd Luffy takes his thumb in his mouth, bites and blows hard swelling in the arm. Becomes able to trasfrire air from the bones throughout the entire body, turning the chest in an interface for the various arts. Luffy blows so much air that when the body is concentrated in only one limb increases the size of the latter becoming equivalent to that of a giant.

Used with its strong physiology, this technique gives more mass to his arm capable of covering a large area of ​​attack, sacrificing speed for this immense power. The bones are the key difference compared to its inflated shape is usually used, being soft and elastic like a balloon. The bones are tough enough to repel bullets as demonstrated by Luffy when he was hit by several rounds of marine bouncing without damage. It 'was also capable of doing major damage to Pike when he used one Tekkai Gom Gom Giant Pistol. When he attacks with this technique usually adds the suffix Gigant, describing the nature of the Giant attacks. Among the other attacks, Luffy brings the air back to his chest, and then moved to another part of the body. To exit the form of 3rd Gear exhales heavily pushing back.
The use and activation leading to shrinkage of Gear 3rd Luffy. The time spent in this form is equivalent to time spent in 3rd gear. In this form, Luffy has shown they have no skills and also a substantial loss of strength since his attacks had no effect. The strategy he uses is in fact to run away and hide for the time of shrinking.

The effects of 3rd gear were shown for the first time when Luffy, and Robin chasing Spandam, had to stop in front of a heavy metal door, while the first use was seen in the battle between him and Lucci to Enies Lobby.

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