Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
The Degrees of the Navy

The hierarchy of the Navy is structured to degrees that are awarded depending on the importance and strength of every Marine.
The master Oda has created a scheme, which was published on the page of the introduction of Chapter 432, "Jack in the Box" (Volume 45).

As you can see in this picture Officers of the Navy have a degree greater than or equal to that of Marshal, the other Marines do not belong to this group.

Description degrees

Grand Admiral
The head of the Navy holds the position of Grand Admiral, this degree belongs to Sengoku the Buddha.

The three admirals in charge are Aokiji, Kizaru and Akainu. They can have this degree only three marinas, along with their higher education are one of the three great powers in the world of One Piece and each of them has a silver lumacofono to receive calls from Buster Call.

Vice Admiral
We have seen several vice-admiral in the course of history, everyone has an important role in the Navy. The Marines met with this degree are as follows: Monkey D. Garp, D. Hogwar Sauro, Tsuru, Giant John, Yamakaji, Doberman, Onigumo, Momonga and Strawberry.

Rear admiral
So far, no character did not appear with this degree, but the position within the hierarchy of the Navy assumed that this is an important position.

The only Marine who holds this office is Smoker. Being aware of the strength of this brave soldier realizes that you can achieve this is by no means simple.

Ship captains
The Captains have a great strength, in fact, Hina, T-bone, Shuu, and Very Good Sharinguru are not common opponents for the band of the Straw Hat. Even Axe-Hand Morgan Nezumi are captains, but being of marine secondary districts their strength is greatly reduced compared to that of the characters listed above.

There is no known commander in the Navy.

Ensign Staff
There is no specific information about marine with this degree, the one we encounter in the story is the Ensign Major Brand, fixing the first bounty on Luffy.

First and Second Lieutenant
The only character who had one of these two degrees is the former Lieutenant-Fullbody, I do not know specifically if it were a First or Second Lieutenant, but as we have seen over the course of this office did not deserve much , both for his behavior and for his lack of strength.

This grade is the last of those belonging to the group of officers of the Navy. Currently Tashigi Marshal is the only we know.

Sergeant major
It 'the most important position among those of the simple sea, the only one Sergeant Major of which we are aware of is Koby, who has come to this level after a hard workout. Tashigi before his promotion held this role.

The only character who holds this position in history is Hermeppo, who work out hard with Koby has managed to become a Sergeant.

Corporal, First and Second Officer
It was not even presented any person who holds one of these positions.

Recruits (Third Officer)
The recruits are nothing but the sea lower level of service soon after the boys. We have seen several characters in this instance, but we know only two: Jango and Fullbody.

Boy Service
And 'the lowest grade in the Navy, the service guys have the task of facilitating the work of others through their marine services ..

For more information visit the page on every sea Marina.

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