Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
Baroque Works is a criminal organization, whose purpose seems to create an ideal nation. But the real goal of this organization is to conquer the kingdom of Arabasta and get through the decoding of a poignée Griffe the weapon of mass destruction Pluton. Only the president and vice president of Baroque Works is aware of the real purpose, other members who are entirely unaware.
This organization is composed of about 2000 members, divided into Official Agents, Frontier Agents, Millions and Billions.

Heads of the organization
Mr. Zero - Crocodile
The leader of Baroque Works Crocodile, a member of the Shichibukai. Its real purpose was to conquer the kingdom of Arabasta, after waging a revolt by the people against the king. Thanks to its great ruse is almost able to take possession of the weapon Pluton, but his plans were thwarted by Luffy, who managed to defeat him in the catacombs of the capital Alubarna, despite the power of the enemy. Crocodile has eaten the fruit of the devil Sand Sand, belonging to rogia, whereby it is able to transform and manipulate sand.
And 'now being held to Impel Down.

Miss All Sunday - Nico Robin
Before joining the crew of Straw Hat, Nico Robin was the vice president of Baroque Works, the only know the identity of the president and his real purpose. Takes the side of Crocodile as it is very probably the only person alive capable of deciphering poignée Griffe, but as means to Arabasta lies to a member of the Shichibukai to not reveal the secret weapon Pluton. It 'can use the power of the fruit Fior Fior, which allows it to grow where it wants the parts of her body, as if they were flowers.

Official Agents
The Official Agents are the stronger members of Baroque Works, are coupled in a tandem consisting of a man and a woman (except Mr. Two), are all very strong and each has a power derived from a fruit of the devil, with the exception of Miss Golden Week, which, however, uses a unique technique.
Both Frontier Official Agents Agents that have a code name, code for men is a number ranging from thirteen to zero, while for women it is a day of the week (in the case of Frontier Agents) or a particular holiday ( Official Agents for).

Team 1
Mister One - Das Bornes
It 'a murderess well known in the West Sea and is the strongest member of Baroque Works after Crocodile. It has the power of the fruit of the devil Lama Lama, through which can be of steel and to use every part of the body as a weapon. During the battle to Alubarna is defeated by Zoro, who learns precisely at that time to cut the steel.
And 'now being held to Impel Down.

Miss Double Finger
This very sexy woman is the owner of the Spider Cafe, has a rather unique way of walking, it always sways her hips, sinuously. Thanks to the power of the fruit of the devil in August Ago able to transform your body, creating the huge sharp needles, which he uses to fight. Is defeated by Nami, with the help of Sansetsukon.
Its unique code name refers to the New Year, which is the first day of January (1 / 1). The master Oda explains that he points out with two fingers (one hand) on the day of the New Year.
It 'was released by Miss Golden Week following his capture by the Navy.

Team 2
Mister Two - Bon Clay
This unique character is the only official agent without a female partner, because he's gay. Its name refers to a Japanese holiday: the Bonkurei (this term was translated precisely Bon Clay).
He ate the fruit of the devil Mimo Mimo, which allows him to transform his face into that of a person who has already touched. Thanks to this ability can make it difficult to Alubarna Sanji during the fight, taking the form of Nami. As the cook of the Straw Hat crew, the technique of Mister Two is based on kicking, fighting, dancing and also doing a lot of pirouettes. After its defeat decides to help the crew escape from Hina Luffy, so he was awarded a bounty of 32 million berry.
And 'now being held to Impel Down.

Team 3
Mister Three
Will be addressed by Luffy and his crew in Little Garden, an island where he had been sent to kill them. His fighting technique is based on the use of the fruit Dela Dela, by which manipulates the wax. One particular technique disturbs the crew of Luffy during combat, in fact Three Mister is able to create wax figures, and almost managed to turn into sculptures Zoro, Nami and Vivi.
And 'now being held to Impel Down.

Miss Golden Week
And 'the only Official Agent that does not have a power derived from a fruit of the devil, but uses a special technique that can be easily confused with the power of a fruit, tantochè Master Oda has stated that his in the SBS is only one unique fighting style. This ability is the Colors Trap, which exploits the use of brushes, palette and color to throw punches and change its mood depending on color chosen.
Miss Golden Week is the protagonist of a series of mini-adventures, during which attempts to free the captured members of the Baroque Works by sea, succeeded in his intent. But Mr. Crocodile and decide to stay One prisoner before being deported to Impel Down.

Team 4
Mister Four
It 'a character so strong physically and stupid, it is never seen talking, but is expressed only with the word "ngo". It 'called "the hitter", because during the fighting Lassiu uses his dog to hit the explosive balls with a baseball bat, directing them toward their opponents with speed and special effects.
His dog was originally a gun, he ate the fruit of the Devil Dog Dog, Dachshund model, whereby a dachshund has become increasingly cold. The baseballs hitting Four are shot by Mr. Lassiu when sneezing.
It 'was released by Miss Golden Week following his capture by the Navy.

Miss Merry Christmas
Like its companion Mister Four, has a unique way of speaking, often shortening the words. Can understand what he says Mr. Four, and thanks to his answers and his comments, sometimes, they fail to understand the sentences pronounced by the partner.
He ate the fruit of the devil Mole Mole, belonging to the Zoo Zoo, which allows her to transform into a human mole, putting in serious opponents of his team: Chopper and Usopp. As you can see in this fight his style of fighting, combined with that of Mr. Four, could embarrass a lot of enemies with combo moves.
It 'was released by Miss Golden Week following his capture by the Navy.

Team 5
Mister Five
Crocodile is sent from Whiskey Peak, and to kill Igaram Live, as two of them know his true identity and that he hides behind the uprising Arabasta. He ate the fruit of the devil Bom Bom, which gave him the ability to make explosive every part of his body, but nevertheless is easily defeated by Luffy.
Miss Golden Week helps in the operation to rescue the Official Agents, in fact not involved in the battle of Alubarna has not been captured by the Navy.

Miss Valentine
Makes its appearance in Whiskey Peak along with fellow Mister Five, and as his companion ate a fruit of the devil: the fruit Kilo Kilo. Thanks to the power of this fruit can vary your weight, making them as light as a feather, or soar in the air or heavy to crush his enemies, up to a limit of ten tons. Is easily defeated with Mister Five Whiskey Peak.
Not since she participated in the Battle of Alubarna, Miss Golden Week helps to liberate others Official Agents captured by the Navy.

Frontier Agents
Just as the Official Agents, too, are divided into pairs consisting of A man and a woman, each with a code name.
Team 6
Mister and Miss Mother's Day Six
These characters are never shown, the only information we have about it is on Mr. Six, who proposed to Zoro to become part of the Baroque Works, but the swordsman asked him to enter only as the head. Of course, for Mr. Six was not an agreement to be discussed and attacked Zoro, who, however, defeated him easily.

Team 7
Mr. Seven
And 'the sniper of Baroque Works together with his partner. He is given a mission to control the cannon on top of the clock tower Alubarna, but is defeated by Vivi. His weapon is a gun that shoots strange dice.

Miss Father's Day
He has a particular way of dressing, it seems from his clothing and even a frog man his gun is shaped like a frog. She was entrusted with the mission of Comrade Mister Seven, but as he is defeated in one shot by Vivi.

Team 8
Mr. Eight
And 'infiltration of the organization along with Vivi, in order to discover who is behind the name of Mister Zero. His real name is Igaram and is the captain of the royal guards of Arabasta. Is defeated by Miss All Sunday while pretending to flee disguised as Princess Vivi to escape from Whiskey Peak.

Miss Monday
It has an extraordinary physical strength, but is still easily defeated by Zoro in Whiskey Peak. Once he discovered the identity of Vivi is detached from his party but is defeated by Mister Five.

Team 9
Mr. Nine
Always wear a crown a king and fights with spiked clubs. And 'Live and mate after discovering his true identity to his side take sides, but as has happened to Miss Sunday, he was defeated by Mister Five.

Miss Wednesday
And 'the princess of the kingdom of Arabasta, infiltrated the organization with the trusted Igaram to find out who is hiding at the head of Baroque Works. After her escape from Whiskey Peak, where he makes his first appearance joins Luffy's crew, who agreed to help her deal dell'esorbitante figure of one billion berry (figure clearly stipulated by Nami). Embarks on the Going Merry with his duck Karl, a member of the team of ducks Arabasta, creatures faster entire kingdom.
A Whiskey Peak shows his style of combat is very agile and quick, and takes advantage of the sharp little jewels attached to the rings that leads to the hands as a cutting weapon.

Team 10
Mister and Miss Ten Tuesday
These characters have never appeared.

Team 11
Mister Eleven
Is captured by Smoker and reveals information about the former captain of the Baroque Works. Then try to persuade Billion to free him, because he had tied Smoker mast of his ship, but they kill him, hoping to take his place in the organization.

Miss Thursday
It never appeared.

Team 12
Twelve Mister and Miss Saturday
These characters have never appeared.

Mister and Miss Thursday Thirteen
And 'the pair of messengers of Mr. Zero, punish agents who do not perform their duties well and creates the designs of Mister Thirteen persons dangerous to Baroque Works. They are defeated by Sanji in the house of Mister Three Little Garden.
Their names, when combined, form words Thirteen Friday.

The Billions are 200 agents in the dependencies of Official Agents.
The Aussie Millions is the least important group in the hierarchy of Baroque Works, consists of 1800 agents around the world who have the task of collecting funds for the organization and recruit new members.

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