Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
The Lumacofoni (Den Mushi-den) is the basic system for communications in One Piece. Closely resemble the common snails, but with the ability to communicate well with each other via radio waves over long distances, are exploited for voice communications, such as real phones. It is possible to combine the lumacofono various electronic devices such as a speaker, batteries, a typewriter, thereby transforming them into real means of modern communication. One of their most important features is the ability to adapt to any environment. During a telephone conversation the mouth of the snail moves based on the words that are spoken by those at the other end of lumacofono, also taking the facial expression of the two interlocutors. There are many types of lumacofoni, and you can choose one depending on the color or shape you like best.

They are divided into seven main categories:

Lumacofono traditional

This is the most common type of lumacofono, is the classic telephone numbers, a good size and excellent performance, also has a high battery life.

This is a kind of lumacofono portable, small enough to fit in your pocket or on your wrist like a watch. It does not have the same scope of traditional lumacofono and also the batteries during less.

Lumacofono Fax:
It 'a lumacofono used by the Navy, is similar to normal lumacofoni but is also able to send faxes, images and documents.

Lumacofono Black:
It 'a lumacofonino high performance. Used by the Navy to intercept messages and transmit secret information and confidential.

Lumacofono Speaker:

Lumacofono This is the largest known so far. It is usually located in the square with two large speakers attached;

Lumacofono silver:

This type of lumacofono is located in the Headquarters of the Navy and is the signal receptor lumacofono Gold. Probably there is only one copy.

Lumacofono gold:
This is the most precious lumacofono, not so much for the material it is made, but for its function. There are only 4 specimens, respectively, delivered to the Three Admirals and Grand Admiral of the Headquarters. To use it you must press the button on his shell to summon the Buster Call in the exact spot where the Golden lumacofono.

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