Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
The God Ener
Skypiea energy is the god of the island in the sky. And 'one of the strongest characters ever to appear, in addition, has the power, is more like a deity. He ate the fruit Goro Goro (the type Rogia). The powers of the fruit are devastating fact is that the ability of energy to control the lightning, he can also use the Mantra, which allows him to read the human mind to know that they will or they are thinking. This combination of its fruit and the power to read minds of others have made stronger Mantra Ener is thus able to read the mind of any inhabitant of Skypiea. He lived previously in another island, Bilcare, with its four priests: Ohm, Gedatsu, Shura and Satori. Skypiea moved to destroy that and defeating the god above, Gan Forr, took his place. His greatest aspiration is to reach Warth, the ideal land, which is located on the second moon Ener ... to reach Maxima built the Ark, before leaving, however, plans to destroy the island.

The priests are four warriors, the most valid in the service of God Skypiea Ener. These four individuals are charged with protecting and preserving the Upper Yard: everyone has a test for anyone who wants to see the god, whether they come with hostile intentions, both in peace. The four Ener can control how the Mantra, with which they can anticipate enemy movements, plus each has its own dial.


Probability of Survival Trial of the Swamp: 50%

Gedatsu is the priest in charge of this test, check the marshy area most of Upper Yard. Milky uses a dial to produce dense clouds to hit the opponent, the vapor cloud to prevent the enemy to breathe. Under his right arm has a Jet Dial, an advanced form of prehistoric and Wind Dial. The proof of the Chopper is overcome by the swamp.

Probability of Survival Trial of the Spheres: 10%
Satori is the priest in charge of this test is the weakest of the four. Its territory is full of balls that hide the "surprises", each ball can hide different things, snakes, explosives, or just be empty. Satori can control these balls and throw them against the enemy, or use them as platforms to form a dragon to fight with them. It has an Impact Dial, proof of the Sphere has been superseded by Luffy, Usopp and Sanji.

Probability of Survival Trial of Wire: 3%
Shura is the charge for this test. Its territory is surrounded by invisible strings at first sight in the trees forming a complex spider's web that immobilizes the opponent. The wire is formed with the clouds of Skypiea and is practically indestructible. At its launch has applied a Flame Dial creating a weapon capable of burning on contact. Fight mounting his giant bird, Fuza. The proof of the wire has been superseded by Wiper and the rest of the warriors of Shandi.

Probability of Survival Trial of Iron: 0%
Ohm is committed to this test, is the strongest of the four priests. Milky has a special Dial, the Dial Eisen (Eisen = iron in German). This can shape metal objects. The dial is set in his sword, thus being able to change form. It has at its disposal a giant dog called Holy. The test has been superseded by the Iron Zoro.

The Meaning of Names
Gedatsu: Liberation of the soul
Shura: state of existence (Ashura)
Satori: Knowledge
Ohm: The Mother of all Mantra.Questo poignée Griff is located in the royal tomb of Arabasta and contains information about the weapon called Pluto.

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