Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
The World Government is an organization that includes 180 states and governs the world of One Piece. Each of these states is independent and the World Government does not intervene on their internal problems, but only in cases where there are serious international situations.
The function in the story of World Government is to maintain order and via the Navy Cipher Pol These organizations are under the control of the World Government, and for this reason the government is respected by all.
The leaders of the World Government are the 5 stars of wisdom.

Each of these characters looks like a great politician actually existed and are the world's leading authority. They make their first appearance as they discuss the upcoming meeting between the Red and Shanks Whitebeard. I am aware of what happened during the 100 years of history, empty, on how you can tell from their reaction during the call with Professor Clover, just before the Buster Call of Ohara. Just before the professor could reveal the history of the century they bid to kill him empty, from what you may want to hide next thing to understand that in those years and that their methods are not entirely orthodox, in fact, in order to maintain order and peace will not hesitate to kill.
The biggest enemy of world government known so far is undoubtedly Monkey D. Dragon, rebel leader and father of Luffy, who wants to overthrow the government.

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