Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian

The 11 supernovae are the eleven most feared pirates of the emerging marina, as they all have a size of more than 100,000,000 of berry and are preparing to reach the New World.

Eustass "Captain" Kidd
Pirate Captain "Kidd"
From the Southern Ocean
Size: 315.000.0000 Berry

This pirate is a native of the Southern Ocean at the head of the pirate Kidd. And 'the supernova with the larger size of the eleven, as it raided villages and killing civilians for fun, even though there was no need. It has a very sullen character since its first appearance as we see him arguing with Scratchman Apoo. Kidd has ingested a fruit of the devil that enables him to attract metal objects, becoming a kind of human magnet, and then turn them into giant limbs to use as a weapon.

Monkey D. Luffy
Captain Pirate "Straw Hat"
From the Eastern Sea
Size: 300.000.0000 Berry

Monkey D. Luffy said "Straw Hat" is a very quirky, who will stop at nothing and would do anything to save his loved ones. He put together a crew is not very large, but each member has a terrifying force and skill out of the ordinary.
Luffy has the Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit, type "Paramisha", which has made him a man of rubber and allows him to stretch at will. Thanks to this result is also immune to bullets that can reject the recipient.

Basil Hawkins "The Magician"
Pirate Captain "Hawkins"
From North Sea
Size: 249.000.0000 Berry

Basil Hawkins, nicknamed "The Magician", a native of the North Sea is the pirate captain Hawkins.
It 'a character very computer that never loses even the calm before a certain defeat. The power of the fruit that has ingested allows him to do the percentages on any event through a special card and turn into a giant Voodoo doll.

"Red Flag" X Drake
Pirate captain "Drake"
From North Sea
Size: 222.000.0000 Berry

X Drake "Red Flag", was born in the North Sea and is the head of the pirate Drake. He was a Navy admiral as indeed we are told by Admiral Kizaru and is aware of what concerns the pacifist and Dr. Vegapunk. It 'very strong view that fails to stop attacks and Killer Urouge and wearing a strange mask with a three-cornered hat. He ate a rare fruit Zoo-Zoo which allows him to transform into a dinosaur, making it strong enough to knock out a pacifist.

Trafalgar Law "The surgeon mortal"
Pirate captain "Heart"
From North Sea
Size: 200.000.0000 Berry

Pirate native is head of the North Sea Pirates of Heart. He tattooed his knuckles on each of a letter which together form the word "Death" (Death) and wearing a sweatshirt with the symbol of his crew very much like that of Don Flamingo. Very orgolgioso not like taking orders from anyone and then joins forces with Luffy and Kidd momentarily a few Marines to fight off the auction house. Here we are shown the power of the fruit of the devil that is to create a field into which the ball with his katana can cut the body of his enemy and change it at will, even with objects.

Scratchmen Apoo
Pirate captain "On Air"
From the Grand Line (Tribe Manilunghe)
Size: 198.000.0000 Berry

Scratchmen Apoo, a native of the Grand Line, is a pirate captain On-Air.
During his first appearance we see him clash with Kidd, even though its size is considerably less than that of the first supernova. Later we see him secretly spy on the other supernovae during the battle with Admiral Kizaru, then come out and show only after the powers of its fruit, which change his body into the musical instruments that once the melody and tune heard from the unfortunate victim's body explodes.

Killer "the butcher"
Fighting pirates "Kidd"
From the Southern Ocean
Size: 162.000.0000 Berry

Killer is part of the crew of Pirates of Kidd and although it is not a captain is the seventh in a supernova with a size of no less than 162,000,000 of berry. Always wear a mask similar to that of wrestlers and wrestling fights using two sickle with curved blades. At first we see him fight before being stopped by Urouge supernova X Drake.

Jewerly Bonney "The mangiona"
Pirate captain "Bonney"
From the Southern Ocean
Size: 140.000.0000 Berry

Jewerly Bonney, known as "The Glutton" (The mangiona), is native to South America and the Sea Captain Pirate Bonney. It 's always hungry, in fact, at every appearance we see more and eat something. Zoro Stop attacking a Dragovians in As feared the arrival of a navy admiral and we see to use his powers, derived from the fruit of the devil, of the Marines that make it able to turn them all in children or the elderly.

Capone "Gang" Bege
Pirate captain "Firetank"
From the Western Sea
Size: 138.000.0000 Berry

Bege Capone, known as "Gang", is native to the Western Sea and pirate captain Firetank. It looks like a mafioso and we see it with a threatening look smoking a cigar. The power of the fruit is very weird, because his body has become a veritable fortress, where he lives with his crew weapons, cannons, horses and all the rest. Despite everything that reaches a safe distance from his body regains its natural size.

Roronoa Zoro
Swashbuckler Pirate "Straw Hat"
From the Eastern Sea
Size: 120.000.0000 Berry

Even Roronoa Zoro, as Killer, is not the captain of a pirate ship but has a very high cut. He has a past as a bounty hunter, but decided to join the crew of Monkey D. Luffy after it helped him to escape from the Military Base of the Navy in the first volume.
Zoro is a skilled swordsman who wields a very strange technique that involves the use of three swords, one in each hand and between the teeth. During the course of history has defeated several very strong characters and gained by defeating "Mr. 1" the ability to cut steel.

"Demon Monk" Urouge
Pirate captain "Monks Heretics"
Island in the Sky
Size: 108.000.0000 Berry

Urouge comes from an island in the sky, even if you do not know for sure which, is the captain of the Monks and Heretics. It 'very strong and mainly used to combat the brute force with the help of huge objects, such as the trunk of a tree. During the match with a pacifist we see him use an ability, perhaps due to the powers of a fruit of the devil, who transforms him, enormously magnifying any part of his body making him grow muscle mass.

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