Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
Here's how they are structured within swords Zoro in the manga.
They are divided into:
12 Saijo Owazamono (Supreme Grade Sword, Swords of Extraordinary ie invoice)
21 Owazamono (Excellent Grade Sword, ie good swords)
50 Ryowazamono (Grade End Sword, or the Swords of exquisite workmanship)
80 wazamono (Sharp Sword, that is, the Swords of Good invoice)

Wado Ichimonji
(one of 21 Owazamono / Excellent invoice)
Value: +10,000,000 Berry
This sword belongs to Roronoa Zoro and is one of twenty-one "Owazamono" that is well executed. Before getting hold of Zoro belonged to a childhood friend who had Kuina as the sole desire to become the best sword fighter in the world. Unfortunately Kuina died in an accident, and his father decidette to give the sword to Zoro's daughter. Zoro hurt by the death of her oath on the sword to become the strongest swordsman in the world for her.

Sandai Kitetsu
(one of 80 wazamono / Good invoice)
Value: 1,000,000 Berry (damn it)
Member of the "wazamono". This sword was forged Kitetsu the school and is the third produced the series. All swords forged school Kitetsu have the characteristic of being cursed, bringing death to those who use them in battle as his only weapon. Zoro recognizes this sword in the basket of swords and choose from 50,000 Berry. Is given by Ipponmatsu, owner of Rogue Town armory after Zoro will challenge your luck at the risk of being cut off the left arm with the sword. Won the lot, the swordsman's sword recognizes as the legitimate owner. Between the back and the wire has a line of dark color reminiscent of the flames.

(one of 50 Ryowazamono / Valuable invoice)

Value: it is assumed more than 1,000,000 of Berry
And 'one of the fifty swords of exquisite workmanship. Is donated by Ipponmatsu to Zoro, after the retailer becomes aware of the courage and skill of the swordsman. It will, however, destroyed by a Navy captain, with the powers of the fruit of the devil Rust Rust (each metal can rust) during the Buster Call of Enies Lobby. After the saga of Water Seven, Zoro Yubashiri retain in its hilt and will remain so until the end of the saga Thriller Bark, where the deposit at the tomb of pirates Rumbar. This sword was the most precious of all the shop Ipponmatsu and extreme lightness combined with good resistance. Between the back and the wire has a line of dark wavy and smooth.

(one of 21 Owazamono / Excellent invoice)

Value: over 10,000,000 assumes Berry
Belonging to the type "Owazamono", the first was in possession of Ryuma, became legendary samurai zombies thanks to the shade of the skeleton to Thriller Bark Brook because of Gekko Moria. After the battle with Zoro decides to donargliela for victory, becoming the third sword of Roronoa, replacing the destroyed Yubashiri. The sword handle and scabbard with black diamonds (presumably gold). The blade is also black with purple highlights. As for the sword seems to be Sandai Kitetsu with its own soul, which makes them awkward to use. The sword is structured to increase the attack power of the user also has an incredible hardness. But the great weight of the control limits.

History of Swords

Zoro is a skilled swordsman who practice a particular style of fighting, if not unique: the Santōryū, the simultaneous use of three swords.
After the clash with his two swords Mihawk black (the common swords) were destroyed, remaining only with the Wado Ichimonji. Taking advantage of the stop in Rogue Town, the city where he was born and was executed the Pirate King Gold D. Roger, stopped at a store to fill the void left for him by the collision. The owner of the shop Ipponmatsu, as soon as he realized the features of the sword, tried to take it away by fraud and only with the help of Tashigi, a young Marine sergeant, was not deceived. It was thanks to her that Zoro was aware of the invoice of the sword, swords belonging to the family of 21 Owazamono thanks to you and always will have, by searching among the swords 50 000 Berry, the Sandai Kitetsu, one of whose value wazamono is around one million of Berry. This sword, however, is not renowned for its features but for the curse that weighs on it: it seems that anyone who comes into possession of a sword forged by the school Kitetsu, is destined to die. Not at all intimidated, and also curious to test his luck, he threw the sword into the air then the arm interposing between it and the ground, hoping they would bring him falling off the arm but that was not the moment: the sword stuck in the ground not injuring her new owner, Zoro. Ipponmatsu, sorry for trying to cheat such a swordsman, sword, gave him the best of the free store, Yubashiri, one of the 50 Ryowazamono, together with the cursed sword.
Zoro the many adventures from which will test on each time they come out hardened in spirit and body, further honing and refining his technique with them. For Enies Lobby during the Buster Call Spandam required for error, Zoro will lose one of his three swords, Yubashiri, rusty from a sea-captain who had ingested the Rust Rust, rust can result in anything on contact. We must await the advent of the Thriller Bark saga to see Zoro have a new sword, the heir of what was lost in the battle against the World Government. It was new in the saga that Zoro Ryuma after defeating the legendary samurai known for putting an end to the existence of a dragon with one blow, will receive a gift from his opponent Shuusui, a sword belonging to completely black as Owazamono 21 The Wado Ichimonji.
A funny episode has the colorful adventures of our swordsman to Enies Lobby: the use of Hana Arashi. Having failed to Sogeking to use handcuffs on algamatolite two members of CP9, Kaku and Jabour, respectively, who had ingested the fruits Cow Cow (model giraffe) and the fruit Dog Dog (Wolf model), both Zoo Zoo, in order to weaken and being handcuffed to Zoro in error, see the "construction" of this new weapon that takes advantage of the complicity of Sogeking, aka Usopp. The latter, remaining tense and completely embraced the Yubashiri, is used as a weapon to fight two opponents.

Other swords known

12 Saijo Owazamono (Extraordinary invoice)

Kokutou Yoru:
believed to be the strongest sword in the world. It is a large sword, the blade is completely black and the handle in the shape of a cross. And 'possessed by the best swordsman living Drakul Mihawk.

Shodai Kitetsu:
sword that was only mentioned in the story. Belongs to the first generation of the cursed swords Kitetsu school.

Owazamono 21
(Excellent invoice)

Nidai Kitetsu:
sword that was only mentioned in the story. As for Shodai Kitetsu and Sandai Kitetsu, this sword is considered cursed. It is part of the second generation of the cursed swords Kitetsu school.

50 Ryowazamono
(Valuable invoice)

sword from the very simple form and the classic blade. Log in possession of Tashigi after his previous owner the agent of Baroque Works Mr. 11, is defeated and captured.

80 wazamono
(Good invoice)

Tashigi is the sword. It has a very elaborate sheaths of white and green, with a handle of a darker green.

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