Date: 6/3/09
By: Gee Rahadian
On the islands of Grand Line were found in the adventures of the Straw Hat crew of mysterious stones called poignée Griffe.
These cube-shaped blocks made of an unknown material and indestructible dark in color, have engravings and inscriptions in ancient languages, now fallen into disuse and therefore indecipherable, left by a civilization of "Void Century" in order to hand down to posterity History Unspeakable. In addition to the history of the Hundred years of emptiness (which is called "One hundred dark years" in the anime), the jaws poignée report information from two weapons of mass destruction: Pluton and Poseidon, two ancestral weapons whose power is unimaginable. There are two different categories of poignée Griffe: those that include information about Unspeakable weapons, or history, and those that lead to other poignée Griffe. Only a few people can read and understand the meaning of the runes: archaeologists Ohara, an island in the sea where he was born Nico Robin West. Unfortunately, the accumulated knowledge and truth in their studies on the evolution of events during the dark century were silenced by the first story of Buster Call, required by using the Spandine lumacofono Admiral Sengoku.

What is more interesting, is not so much their content as the reason for their existence: why write huge blocks of stone indestructible the story of that dark period? Perhaps because they feared that if they had written on sheets or books would be lost? This could be evidence of the fact that they had enemies, and also if that civilization is gone, the enemy has survived in history. As it happens 800 years ago, during which ended 100 years of great emptiness, the organization that was established was to become the World Government. If the enemy of civilization has fallen just the government, we came to the conclusion: the 100 years of history are an inconvenient piece of history, that the government wants to hide. From the readings of ancient scriptures deciphered by archaeologists poignée Griffe Ohara discovered the existence of an ancient kingdom, a kingdom very large and have a great power which is not heard from again, as if all the information on it were deleted. It 'true that the discovery of the location of the ancestral weapons would be a problem, but not as much as the discovery of the true ideals behind the vanished civilization. It is unknown exactly why such a realm constituted a threat to world government, but the key to everything is contained in the name of the kingdom itself, which, however, was not revealed because they were all exterminated. There were no survivors if Nico Robin, who managed to flee the island but without any knowledge of the "devils of Ohara" and the dream of discovering and disseminating the truth about that 800 years ago marked the history. Currently it is the latter only able to read and decipher the runes and it is precisely for this reason and for having withdrawn from the fate of Buster Call that is sought by the World Government. So as we have shown, the confidentiality events have been lost is due to the fact that the Five Stars of Wisdom, the five seniors at the head of the World Government, they do not want to allow the spread of truth. There it was revealed that fucks the whole history of the world lies in Raftel, the last island of the Grand Line, the other side of Reverse Mountain, where in addition to the popular One Piece should be hidden Griff Real poignée which reveal is the lost history of hundred years of empty posts all poignée Griffe.

Poignée Griffe Arabasta

It is located in the royal tombs of Arabasta in the city of Alubarna, from which you can obtain information on the location of Pluton, an ancient ancestral weapon. Nico Robin knew that the real information contained block, but not wanting to give Crocodile, leader of Baroque Works and a member of the Shichibukai, such power lied about its contents: after being successful with the help of the pirate to get to poignée brands in the cemetery of the royal palace of Alubarna, on which is written the exact location of Pluton, said that Crocodile on the stele was engraved only the history of the royal dynasty of Arabasta.
In the anime, Chopper, Luffy and Zoro are lost in the desert, and falling in a hole, revealing an underground room, then another Poigne Griffe but not knowing its true meaning, they go away without thinking.

Poignée Griffe Shandora

Nico Robin Skypiea discovered that every poignée Griffe preserves the location of at least one other. The jaws of Shandora poignée contained the directions to find the second, while it contained information regarding the location of the weapon of Poseidon. The first is located on the Upper Yard poignée Griffe, in the ruins of the city of Shandora, while the second under the golden bell. D. Goals Roger, who was unable to decipher the ancient writing, but thanks to the power to "hear the voice of things", he learned the contents of the stones, had earlier found that poignée jaws and left a message, to continue to encourage research the "true story". The tribe of Shandian had the task of protecting these two poignée Griffe.

Poignée Griffe Ohara

On the island of Ohara, it tells the story of poignée Griffe "One hundred years of the great void" and the name of the ancient lost civilization. The World Government as dangerous all the archaeologists who had the task of studying and then ordered the "Buster Call" to destroy the island, but an 'archaeologist named Nico Robin managed to escape.

Real poignée Griffe

Apparently Real poignée Griffe, which contains within it the history of the world of One Piece and is located on the island of Raftel. It is said that once you find one who will reveal himself to decipher the lost history of the "Void Century", Nico Robin says that it contains information of all existing Griffe poignée.

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